Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 75C--Lambeau Field

I've been lax in my running and my blogging the last two weeks. The lack of running was because of pain in my IT Band and the rest of my right thigh. It got so bad on Wednesday that I was barely shuffling around, and that still hurt so bad that I was wincing in agony every few steps. The lack of running fed into my laziness and led to a lack of blogging.

The one thing that I really want to share was my experience with the 5K I ran on 7/30/11. As a Packer fan, the opportunity to run near Lambeau was really tempting. Luckily, this run actually runs into the stadium, down the player's tunnel and around the field on the track. That made it impossible to turn down. The Packers Cheerleaders (UWGB and St. Norbert squads) were on the field cheering us on for the final stretch. There were cameras set up so I could see myself running on the big screen. (Not a Jumbo Tron, I just learned.)

Aside from the sheer awesomeness of the run, it was really well organized. They said it would start at 10am, and it started at exactly 10am. Even though it was only 4,000 people, they had 6 different bibs/corrals. I was passing some people during my run, but most of the people around me seemed to be similarly paced to me. They kicked off the run with the National Anthem, and I actually heard the last line of it for the first time in ages. The fans/runners didn't cheer until the singer had ended.

The run wasn't perfect, though. Although it started on time, a 10am start is too late for July. It was super hot by the time we kicked off. I believe I could have clocked a better time if we had started earlier when it was cooler. The race shirt was cotton instead of a performance material. I ran in one of my regular running shirts instead. The bag they gave away for the race also seemed to be cheap.

Overall, I was happy with the race, though. I have recommended it to several people already and would suggest others try it, too. With any luck, I can get a caravan of Packer fans to make a Green Bay pilgrimage for the race next year.

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