Friday, November 30, 2012

Standing Desk

I've been standing at my desk for several months. (Minus a few weeks when I was nursing some foot pain I wanted to get better for the marathon.) I love it. I love how my posture has improved. I also feel good knowing that I'm not endangering my health by sitting for 8 hours at work on top of the sitting I do while commuting and watching TV.

Since I first started standing at work, I have noticed and been told that several of my coworkers also stand at work. I really think that people have started to take the studies about the negative health effects of sitting to heart. This makes me really happy. I can see how this trend will continue and grow as more people learn about it.

I think that companies could really help their employees by making standing desks the standard. If people want to sit, they could, but they'd need to opt out of standing. People don't like being the odd one out, and right now, the healthiest option is the odd one. Without having the standing desk set up, finding a way to elevate a monitor to eye level and have the keyboard at a 90% angle from the elbow can be difficult. While I was typing this, I noticed that my monitor should be a bit higher, actually. I'm going to have to dig around for another catalog to put under my tower, which is under my monitor. It may be set up like a bad duct tape nightmare, but it's still better than sitting. Now I just need to convince my company to spring for a treadmill desk.

If you're sitting at your desk at work, have you considered switching to standing? What would push you to make the switch?

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