Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 113--Measurements

Someone pointed out to me that I've been lax in updating my blog. I decided today would be a good day to update everyone on my status. I'm still running, and continually improving my speed and distance. I also noticed that I haven't done any measurements since Tax Day. That's 2 1/2 months ago. Time to remeasure and see if biking to work and running has made any difference there.

My weight is at 128.3 pounds. Still not at the goal of 120, but well within a healthy range.

Waist still 29 1/2, Hips 37 1/2 (Down 1/2 inch) Weirdly, that pushed my waist to hip ratio higher, which is worse, even though I've lost weight and inches.

My body fat percentage is 27%, which is still a few percentage points above the ideal of max of 22%.

All of my other measurements are the same.

I think there are more telling things than the actual measurements, though. The fact that I haven't thought about my measurements for months is a sign that I'm viewing the process as the destination. I'm working out to work out, not to lose weight or inches. I'm enjoying running and cycling. I love that my body can do more things than it could do at the beginning of the year. I love that I can run farther and faster than before and that my speed and distance are constantly improving. I wouldn't dare suggest that I've achieved a perfect body, but I love my body. I think I'm back to the beginning when I couldn't actually define what "perfection" is in any concrete way.

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