Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 98--New Goals

I have my 5K goals already set for my next run, but I want some overall fitness goals.

1. Get my weight down to 120 before July. This was my weight in July 2006 and I'm getting close to hitting it again. This is also my lowest weight as an adult, so that's really exciting. I'm currently just under 129, so 5 1/2 weeks to lose 9 pounds. That's doable, but because it's pretty much the last 10 pounds, I know my body is going to fight me on it.

2. Run an average of at least a mile a day until July. I'm going for average because I'm planning a vacation out of town in June, so I know I won't run those days. This is also on top of my daily commute by bike which is about 65 miles a week.

3. Run an 8 minute mile. My best time is just under 9 minutes, but I really think I can improve that number by meeting goal #2.

I think that these are all very doable goals and I know that they'll all help me to achieve the goals I set yesterday for my next 5K.

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