Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 99--Working on goals

I ran about 1.36 miles today, so I'll need to get some more running in tonight to hit my mile-a-day goal. (I didn't run at all yesterday.) It depends on what one calls running, though. My normal walking pace is about a 15 minute mile. The treadmills at work call that jogging. They list 6 mph as running. I did walk about a mile last night in a quest to get some milk, and I walked that in about 20 minutes, including the purchase. I don't count that toward my running goal, though.

I am hoping to get a good running program for my new smart phone. The first one I downloaded couldn't get a GPS signal and the second one won't let me track online, and it's a German program, so I can't understand the problems. Those were both free, so just out some time and a bit of inconvenience. I may have to spend money for a program, but want to make sure that it's a good program before I shell out $5. My phone is fairly new to the market, so the applications are scarce, but building every day.

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