Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 6D--Butt

Glutes are one of our most under-used and under-trained muscles. They're not designed to be sitting 99% of the day like most of us do. This is not just a problem for the casual athlete, but also some professional athletes, too. Darwin Fogt has said that many professional athletes fail simple glute tests.

To counter this, I will not only be doing the bridge but added squats today. The motion is just like sitting in a chair and standing back up, but with no chair to catch you. All of the lowering should come from your knees and hips. Such a simple exercise, but also very easy to do incorrectly. Many people end up doing much of the lowering by bending their ankles. If your knees go beyond your toes, it's poor form. To keep correct form, I have to hold my hands about a foot in front of my chest to hold my balance.

I am still doing all the exercises from last week, but did miss a few days. I will be running through them all during commercials tonight to get in some more reps. I left those days blank on my progress chart. As you can see, I added a second chart to track the reps on several exercises. These numbers aren't my total reps for the day, just the amount I do at the first time I do the exercise every day.

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