Monday, July 2, 2012

Even if You Suck

I think many of us have some level of competence that is required before we will do something. It's something that only seems to afflict adults. All children dance, sing, paint and run. It's only once we develop self-consciousness that we stop doing some of those things in public. This is dumb. We should all dance, sing, paint and run. Who cares if someone sees us running slowly? If they're bothered by that, it's their problem. It was really hot on Saturday when I was getting in my 12 mile training run. I very quickly became annoyed with my shirt, so I took it off. I would have taken it off 5-10 minutes earlier, but I was worried about what my run companions would think or say. That didn't last long, because I realized that they wouldn't care. They made some friendly teasing comments when I first took off my shirt, but then seemed to forget about it. I know I did. If something makes you feel good and isn't hurting anyone else, DO IT!!!

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