Thursday, July 5, 2012


I have suggested that instead of women infighting about what is an attractive weight, we should be fighting the use of Photoshop in magazines. Julia Bluhm, a 14-year-old girl, took it farther than a simple blog post. She created a petition and delivered it to Seventeen Magazine. That was in May, and the magazine commended her for her efforts, but refused to change. That was until today, when they agreed to several points that Ms. Bluhm had requested. They won't forego Photoshop completely, but won't be using it to alter the body or face of the teens in their magazine.

I don't think anyone really wanted Photoshop banned completely. Removal of red eye, an odd shadow, a bug or something else that somehow distracts from on otherwise lovely photo is fine. Cropping a picture to better center the subject is also fine. The problem comes when models are altered to look thinner than reality would ever allow.

Seventeen has gone the extra step of setting up a tumblr to show pre-edited photos and behind the scenes shots from photo shoots. They have also shared their "Peace Treaty" on photos and editing. I wish they had done this from day one when she delivered the petitions, but better late than never. Now if only magazines targeted at adult women would follow suit. I found out about their change in heart while commenting on the below magazine at the grocery store. I love Salma Hayek, and think she's beautiful, but the amount of alterations on this cover are disgusting and show why that should be the real enemy, not other women and their bodies.

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