Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 85--Results

I didn't get a chip for yesterday's race. I didn't want to spend an extra $5 for something I could do with my watch, unless I would be up for an award, and that seemed highly unlikely. I wouldn't have been in any position for an award, but I finished right in the middle of the pack for my age group. The best times for women 35-39 were about 24 1/2 minutes. Now I have a long-term goal. Short term, my goal is to simply improve my time from my first race.

On May 22nd at Soldier Field, I will be running the 5th Annual Path to Progress Run/Walk/Strut I will be running with my friend Kate. We haven't set up our team or registered yet, but I will be hitting you all up for donations. It's a really good organization, and they're well-run, too.

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