Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 87--run

I went for a full 5K run today, mainly because it's a beautiful day. I had mapped out a run a few weeks back, and I took that route. It's actually 5.03 km, but I can't see finding a closer route without spending days trying to map it out. I managed to complete my run in 36 minutes. It's slower than I ran my race, but there was nothing really pushing me to make it faster. I'm hoping that by running this more often, I can improve my time to 30 minutes. Eventually.

Today was also the first time I used my heart rate monitor. I bought it because it was on super sale and came with a digital watch. My regular watch isn't really cut out for exercise. According to my HRM, I was exercising at the high end of my target heart rate zone (157), but my max of 169 was well above that.

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