Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 54C--Mid-week training

I am scheduled to run 10 miles on Saturday. That's an increase of 2 miles, not just the 1 mile I've been increasing every other week. This is clearly the week to make sure I don't slack at all on my mid-week runs and cross training.

It's also a week to look for inspiration wherever I can find it. Every week, during my Saturday run, there is a church group running on the lake path. They are mainly black women and are heavier and older than the people I run with. Even though they're struggling a bit more with their run, they're still out there every week and smiling. They're super-inspiring.

I'm also inspired by the people running with me, but at a pace of 15-16 1/2 minutes per mile. As one person pointed out, they have to run for 6 1/2 hours to finish the marathon. That's up to 4 hours longer than the rest of us run.

I'm also inspired by my girlfriend Jenni, who is starting her own journey to get fit. She has started a blog detailing her efforts.

I am inspired by anyone who makes the effort despite the obstacles. One big one is the lack of plus-size workout wear. I have tons of options for appropriate clothing to run in, including boys large & Extra Large items, but the options are minimal if not nonexistent once you get past size 14-16. Sports bras are hard to find in sizes larger than DD and even those are scarce and not nearly as cute.

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