Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 55C--Over 100 Miles

Last night's run of 3 1/2 miles pushed my training total over 100 miles. That's at least double my entire life's running total prior to this. My run felt great last night, but my pace was slower than I realized. It may have been because of my stop at the grocery store and to peek inside the open door of the Uptown Theater. I love old theaters and this one has been shuttered for almost 30 years. I've been able to peek in the door twice now and each time I'm blown away by the beauty and decay inside. I may have been distracted by my stops and forgot to stop my watch when I stopped running.

Other than my slightly slow pace, I did notice a slight weight loss. I think that may have been helped by my poor attempt at dinner last night. I made a mushroom/cabbage soup, but used purple cabbage, so the soup turned purple. The picture at left is from "Bridger Jones Diary" not my actual soup. That was slightly disturbing, but didn't make the soup inedible. That was done by some dried mushrooms that didn't soften, so I had to eat around them. That was a healthful meal fail. I will continue to try to eat high-protein, low-fat meals, though. I need it and it will help my girlfriend in her mission. I'm glad I'm choosing the exercise method of trying to lose weight, though. I don't drink soda, eat fast-food or do many things that make dieting necessary. I eat high-fiber, low-calorie breakfasts and drink a lot of water, so I would have to cut out a lot of food quantity for a diet to work and I don't like feeling hungry. I'd rather feel exhausted from a hard run.


  1. Pleased to read this post. :)

  2. You're jealous of the purple soup, aren't you? :P