Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New everything

I redesigned the blog today. I added additional pages, which you can view by clicking above. I'm switching my blog from just being about my daily activity and progress to a blog about health, fitness and moving. I hope I can inspire you to be more active and in turn get inspiration from you.

I plan on posting inspirational stories and quotes to keep us all motivated to keep moving. I also will be posting tidbits about health and fitness. That could include scientific studies, recipes or anything that may help us in our quest to be healthier. I will still post updates on my fitness journey, but only periodically.

I know that the new year is just 10 days away and people are starting to think about their resolutions for 2012. Instead of resolving to be healthier, I would love if you would make more specific, concrete resolutions and share them with me. If they're not too far-fetched, I will make your resolution my resolution as well. It will be more of a New Year's Challenge, than just a resolution. Here's the first one: I challenge myself and everyone else to participate in cardio activity for at least 2 hours every week. That can be walking, running, cycling, swimming, dancing or anything that elevates your heart rate. Please let me know what your challenge is.

UPDATE: I will be tracking my activity using DailyMile. The most recent activity will show up on the right side of my homepage. I highly recommend it. It's free and allows you to track all you activity and it creates graphs so you can see trends and improvement.

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  1. I have signed up for my second half-Ironman and I hope to P.R. - specifically, I am committing myself to getting better at the swim (I hate it so much that last year, I hardly got into the pool at all during training). I have signed up for swim lessons and doing a few stroke correction clinics before. I'd like to P.R. at a marathon as well, and since I'm currently hooked on trail running, I'd like to run more off-road races. And of course, playing my favorite sports to enjoy good times with great friends in between all that. And always, healthy in body = healthy in mind = healthy in spirit = happiness. I look forward to following you as you achieve all of your fitness goals!