Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 5B--weekend efforts

I attempted to go walk/run on the lakefront with Frontrunners. It was too cold for me, so after 1.5 miles it was back into the car and back home. I will get out there with them, but not until it's at least 45 degrees when I leave home in the morning.
I did get over 73K steps on my log last week. That's not nearly as many as I had last time I was tracking on this log, but it's 6K more than the goal, and 13K more than last week. My goal for this week is 82K. I think I'll be able to reach it, but I will have to buckle down and get some real workouts in every day.
I haven't weighed in since Saturday, so I'm not sure where my weight is. I'm hoping that I can get it down to the Dec. 2009 level or lower this week. I'm not very happy with myself for letting it get as high as it is.

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