Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 6B--Weight

I weighed in last night, and I have lost a few pounds since I've gotten back to being active. I'm still heavier than I was in December 2009, though. I know I'll get my weight back down, and can see that already happening. I can also see getting past that 135.6 pounds down to my ending weight of 128.3 within a decent amount of time. Unlike last year, I'm not just working out, but trying to watch what I eat, too.
I did the EA active workout last night, and have only missed one workout since I began my six week program. After that workout, I danced for 15 minutes with Just Dance 2. It's mainly cardio, but after lifting weights, the arm movements did have some burn to them. My arms are even a bit sore today. Not horribly painful, just a bit tender when I move them certain ways. I think that's mainly the push-ups. Push-ups aren't really easy anyway, but they were made even more difficult last night when my dog Maddow decided to climb on my back during them. I'll be sure to get video next time for you all to laugh at.

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