Friday, May 4, 2012

Diamond Dallas Page and Yoga

I cannot believe I am writing about Diamond Dallas Page. I grew up watching wrestling from the early days of Mean Gene Okerlund, Hulk Hogan and George "The Animal" Steele. I've even been to a live wrestling event with the more modern cast of characters like The Rock and Triple H. That being said, I haven't watched it in years, and never thought I would find a way to connect professional wrestling to this blog. I should have know better; the professional wrestlers are clearly athletes and work out many hours.

I was looking for inspiration when I found a video of a disabled vet who transformed his life by doing yoga with Diamond Dallas Page.

Watching the video is inspiring, and has me wanting to try yoga again. It's hard to fight the pull of yoga when you're in the fitness world. I don't have a desire to be a proponent of yoga, just someone who can complete 45 minutes without wanting to die or kill the instructor. Despite my prior lack of success with yoga, I really want to conquer it. Yoga is my white whale.
Even if you don't want to buy his yoga program, you should watch this video. The man in the video, Arhtur Boorman, is truly inspiring with his transformation. If he can do that, the rest of us can get up and move.

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