Monday, May 7, 2012


The amount of time is the same, too. It takes a bit longer to cook a meal from scratch than to microwave a frozen meal, but that time is gained back with less time countering the effects of bad food. Fresh vegetables may be more expensive than McDonald's, but you'll remake that money in saved health costs later. It may take longer to get to your destination by walking or biking, but the health benefits over driving will eliminate some exercise time later. I know I do this with sun screen. I skip applying it because of short-term time constraints, completely ignoring the long-term effects of sun damage. I think too often we look at the effort needed to do something with blinders on and only looking at the schedule for the day. We don't look at the side-effects, or long-term ramifications of our actions. We eat bad fast food because it's convenient in the moment. We don't think of how that food will make us feel in an hour, much less days or years down the road. We think of how much time it will take us to run, not how much time getting more fit will save us every time we have to climb a flight of stairs. The next time you are considering doing the easiest thing because of how much time you have at that moment, pause for a second and weight the long-term effects before choosing your actions.

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