Monday, May 7, 2012

Yoga Success

After my post on Friday, I was motivated to try yoga again. That was reinforced by seeing "The Avengers" on Saturday. Looking at Robert Downey, Jr.'s physique reminded me what yoga can do.
Sunday morning had me popping ths P90X yoga DVD in. I made it through the entire 90 minutes. I didn't realize how close I had been to the end of the difficult part on my previous arrempts. The moving poses are the first half, and I kept stopping around 30-40 minutes in.

After those repeated upward and downward dog poses, it goes into the balance poses. My physical therapy must really be working, because the tree pose was not nearly as challenging as it's been in the past. I still can't do the crane pose, though.

The yoga/ab segment was difficult, and I was shaking from the effort. That was the end of it, unless you count the corpse pose and fetal pose as anything other than silly. I was laughing at them.

I still don't get yoga. I understand the stretching and flexibility benefits, but not the zen. I have felt more at peace and one with the universe after crappy runs than I did after yoga. I still miss objectiveness when I do yoga. I won't abandon it, though. I have always struggled with flexibility, and yoga can help with that. I do appreciate that Tony Horton is more about the physical aspects, so I can stomach the routine.

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