Wednesday, May 16, 2012


In 2009, Skechers introduced their Shape-Ups version of rocker-bottom shoes. They were not the only shoe company to introduce shoes like this. They did seem to lead the way and had the largest presence. They even advertised during the Super Bowl. During these advertisements, they claimed that unique sole of the shoes would help tone glutes, improve posture and lead to weight loss. Unfortunately for them and people who believed them, this was NOT true.

Yes, walking will tone your tush, improve your posture and help you lose extra pounds, but these shoes won't increase those benefits over regular athletic or walking shoes. People had their doubts and those were confirmed with a study done by the University of Wisconsin and commissioned by ACE. In addition to the added benefit claims being false, there are also all of the injury claims out there. In fact, there are at least two sites specifically dedicated to injuries from these kinds of shoes.

Now the Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on them, too. Today saw a $40 million fine announced. As part of this, customers who purchased these shoes can get a refund or join in a class-action lawsuit. It also stops Skechers from continuing to make the erroneous claims. This should stop other shoe companies from making similar claims about their shoes, too.

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