Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 103--Otto

I'm behind 2 miles in my quest to average a mile a day in running. I spent most of Saturday painting and Sunday recovering from painting. Sadly, the last few days were spent dealing with my dog Otto getting really, really sick and having him put down yesterday. That kind of killed any desire I had to run. I decided that today's blog would be all about dogs. The other dog in the third photo is Willie, who was our back-up dog, but has now become the only dog. I hope to take her out for our first solo run tonight, but I'm not hopeful about her abilities. She tends to meander on walks, and only had a purpose when following Otto. I'm not so sure that she'll be able to run in any way that won't endanger both of us. I still have bruises from Otto's balloon attack of last Wednesday, and I'd like to avoid adding new ones to those.

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