Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 104--Running

I tried running with Willie, and she is not good. She can't make it much farther than a block, and she doesn't follow a straight line at all. Once she gets a bit tuckered out, she tries to grab her leash, which is cute, but dangerous when I'm running. She dead stops in front of me and jumps at my hand to bite the leash. I will work with her to break her of that habit and to increase her stamina so we can run farther than a block.

I ran a mile on the treadmill this morning and I'm still at 8:30. That's the same pace I was at last week, which is going to make the 8:00 goal by 7/1/10 to be hard to meet. Maybe increasing the distance I run will help, too. I'm hoping to run to The Green City Market tomorrow. That's 4 miles away, and then I still have to get home. That will probably be a bus or walking. That will be my first real run longer than 3 miles.

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