Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 110--Falling behind

I'm now 6 miles behind my running goal for June. I have the desire to catch up, but not the strength or energy. I have low blood iron, and am trying to get caught up, but it's taking me a few days. I'm taking supplements, and trying to eat more iron-rich foods. I don't eat meat, so this isn't as easy as eating a plate of liver. I go through this every year or so, so I know that it's easily treatable, but it's never as easily diagnosed as I'd like. The first day or so, I just think I'm sleep-deprived. If only I would start taking the iron at that point, I could keep myself from getting as exhausted as I currently am. I did manage to bike to work today, but my speed was off a few MPH from normal. I'm hoping I can get back up to normal by Sunday so I can get in a long run or two before my vacation so I'm not horribly behind when I get back.

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