Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 105--Big Run

I ran 4 1/4 miles yesterday in 55 minutes, which included an ATM stop. That got me back up to date on my mile a day goal. It was my longest run to date and I felt ok when it was done. This makes me think that joining my friend Kate in her 10K in September may be doable. My weight has come down a bit, too. I'm really close to 128, only 25 more days to lose the last 8 pounds. That's going to be a tough number to hit. My arms are starting to show more definition. I'm getting what I'd call runner's arms. I really need to get back in to the EA active for Wii, though. I tried to test my overall fitness using a test in Runners Magazine and I still can't do a real push-up with any decent form at all. I'm also losing flexibility. I really need to start stretching after my morning runs when my muscles are warm. Maybe the extra activity will help with the weight loss goals.

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