Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 68C--I'm a runner

Back in May, I wrote a post called "What is a runner??" Part of the reason for the post was that I didn't know if I qualified as a runner and even if I did, when I would feel like a runner. The answer came to be prior to the 6 mile recover run on July 2nd. The week leading up to that run and the week after it had me repeating a phrase and really meaning it. "I'm only running 6 miles." The key word there is ONLY. It is shocking to me that I used the word only to describe a run of 6 miles. (Even if I did put the only in the wrong spot in the sentence, instead of right before the distance.)

This Saturday, I will be running only 7 miles. Up until I looked at the schedule, I thought that would read only 8 miles. Either way, using the word only when describing that long of a run shocks me. It also confirms in my mind that I AM a runner. I no longer have any doubt that I'm not a REAL runner.

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