Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 11D--Adding Upper Body

Runner's World had an article about upper body strength this month, and it made me realize I should add some strength training for my upper body to my regimen. I decided to start with the push-up. It is a very straight-forward exercise that works all of the muscles in red in the image. Because I don't have great upper body strength, I did modified push-ups. Instead of balancing on my toes, I balanced on my knees. The exercise remains the same, I'm just lifting less weight. Even then, I was only able to do 10. I hope that I can increase that number, right along with the increases I've seen in the other exercises I've taken on.

I will also be adding the jack-knife sit-up to my exercises. I can tell how much stronger my core is getting from doing the plank, but that isn't working the more superficial abdominal muscles. I won't be abandoning the plank, just adding this to work the rectus Abdominus, the "six-pack" muscles.

Now that I've been exercising for a bit, I am starting to want to lose some of the extra fat, not just increase the muscle. To that end, I will be starting the EA Active 6-week challenge again. I would love to get to a better, more comfortable weight before 2012. Right now, my weight is in the healthy range, but I'm not comfortable with it. I feel that everyone should weigh what makes them comfortable and happy, as long as that weight isn't horribly unhealthy (too high or too low.) I may also hit the streets for some running on occasion. Even though my first time out running again wasn't a success, it just made me want to get out there more and get healthier so I can enjoy the runs more.

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