Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 14D--EA Active

I did the next workout in the EA Active 6 week challenge today. It was all lower body, so I didn't do any of the lower body exercises I've been doing in addition to the EA Active. I did do the workout twice, though. It really was designed to get my heart rate up. It had me sprinting and jumping a lot. It's amazing to me how challenging it is to jump rope. If you're not convinced, try jumping rope for more than two minutes at a stretch. Unless you're in great shape, I guarantee you'll be winded and sweaty. Many of the activities that little kids participate in without thinking about it are really physically demanding. The Hula Hoop works all of the ab muscles. Hop Scotch works leg muscles and core muscles. Tag is a ton of sprinting, as is Red Rover or Kick the Can. In fact, I think an exercise program based entirely on children's games would make a fairly well-rounded program. It also sounds like it would be a ton more fun than most standard workouts.

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