Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 12D--Tired

I did the EA Active workout yesterday and today. Yesterday's was a whole body workout, so I did it twice. The 30 minutes didn't seem to be enough for me. Today's workout focused on the lower body and it was really hard. I think it was because it was targeting the same thigh muscles that I've been targeting with my wall sits, squats and lunges. My legs were on fire and I was very happy the workout was only 30 minutes. Both days also added crunches, so my abs are really feeling it. Today also had two sets of push-ups and I had already done one set to exhaustion earlier, so I can still feel the pain in my pecs right now.

The main thing that EA Active does that I have a hard time doing to myself, except when I run, is getting my heart rate up and making me sweat. Even though I was able to do the workout twice yesterday, I was sweating after the first time through. It's been months since I've exercised hard enough to sweat and I forgot how good it feels. It doesn't just feel good physically, which despite the pain, it does. It feels good emotionally. That's not just the endorphins, but the sense of accomplishment. I set a goal to workout, and I reached that goal. That always feels good.

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