Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 10C--Goal Hit

I ran my four miles on the treadmill yesterday and did it in 44 minutes. That's an 11:00 pace, which is the best pace I've managed this year. It's also the longest distance I've ever run at one time. I actually kept the pace the same throughout most of my run. I finished the first half just shy of 22 minutes and the third mile right around 32 minutes. That was my fastest mile, but not by a huge margin.
I do hope to get in a short run or two this week, but don't want to push myself too hard, too fast. I feel great today, even though I pushed hard yesterday, but don't want to push so hard that I injure myself. I'm not sore at all and feel like the running is already improving my posture. I have been working on my core muscles a bit, too. I did a plank this weekend and held it for 42 seconds, even though the dogs kept running into me. I'm hoping to increase my plank on my non-running days. I've been reading that improving core strength can improve running speeds.

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