Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 6C--Cold & Rain

I didn't run yesterday because it was cold & raining. The weather is equally bad today, but I brought running clothes to work, so I can use the dreaded treadmills. I don't totally hate treadmills, but they're not as enjoyable as running outside on the sidewalks. Treadmills help me with my pacing and speed, something I have a hard time with on sidewalks. I'm hoping that I can get in a full 5K tonight, regardless of my time. I feel like I need to start increasing my endurance a bit, with only 200 days until the marathon. I don't have any concrete reason for that feeling, just some fear that I won't be ready for the official training and thus the marathon. Now that I read it, 200 days seems like a really long way off.
My fund raising has stepped up a bit. I had raised about $85 when I went to bed last night and I'm now at $245. That's about 25% to my minimum to guarantee me a spot in the marathon and 16% of my goal. I don't like fund raising for the same reasons I don't like sales or collections. I don't like asking people for money or favors, and this combines both of them into one task. My efforts so far have been pretty passive; I've tweeted about the run and posted it as my facebook status. I've updated my avatars with T2EA images, my twitter profile with the donation link and made updates to my blog. The most active step I've taken is to create a note on facebook and tag people in it. I know I will have to be more active, but have four months to work up to that.

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