Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 4C--Running

I ran the same near cemetery route that I ran the other night, but this time I brought along Maddow. That did keep me from noticing my running time or how I felt. It also kept me from noticing that I had the wrong shoes on. I was at the halfway mark before I noticed I was wearing my backyard dog poo shoes and not my running shoes. Because I run a route that takes me around a cemetery, there's no way to cut back and return home in a shorter distance, so I just kept running. My knees did feel a bit weird when I was done, but not too bad, nothing like I would have expected.
Other than keeping me distracted, Maddow slowed me down. The run took almost a full minute longer than it took me on Wednesday. I felt better when I was done, and didn't cough at all, but know that I need to get faster. I think Maddow will get faster, once she gets used to her Gentle Leader. No, that's not her in the picture; she's still fighting it too much to get a decent photo of her in it.

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