Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 8C--recovery

I didn't run at all yesterday. I'm still recovering from Wednesday's run. I keep putting Neosporin on my chafing injuries, but they still hurt, especially when I get soap in them. I wasn't sore or stiff at all yesterday, but I am today. My right hamstring is really tight and feels like it wants to cramp up. I hope I can get a run in tomorrow morning before the games begin.
I've been thinking about Elizabeth Taylor a lot the last few days. It's been hard to avoid all the news and pictures. I always loved her; she was beautiful and talented. Also admired her tenacity. She lost her husband in a plane crash, had tons of personal illness and lost a dear friend to AIDS. Her dedication to AIDS was early and unending. That became her passion, and keeping that in mind has been pushing me to ask for donations to my race, even though I hate doing that.
Sort of related to that, I want the dress she's wearing in this photo. I may hire my seamstress friends to make it for me as a prize for finishing the marathon.


  1. This will sound nuts, but if your chafing is especially bad, try Desitin or any other baby diaper rash cream. Seriously superior to Neosporin for this purpose.

  2. I may buy some today. Last's weeks injuries are pretty much healed.