Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 12C--running

I didn't run yesterday or Tuesday. This was not because of laziness, but because I don't want to over-train. The standard rule is that you only want to add 10% to your total miles each week. I'm probably going to exceed that with a short run today and a longer run on Saturday, but didn't want to double last week's numbers with a run Tuesday or Wednesday.
I do plan on running a little bit today, probably just a mile, maybe more. I'm hoping to run it in 10:00 or less, back to a pace that I had last year. I know I can't maintain that pace for more than one mile right now, but I think I could do it for one mile.
I'm getting closer on my fund raising goal. I'm at $550 of the $1,000 minimum needed. It's been 12 days since my first donation; at this pace, I should be good to go in another 10 days. I would really like to be safe in my fund raising before I begin the official training. I won't stop mentioning my run and asking for donations, but I won't be stressing about that any more.

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