Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 11C--Heart Rate

I've been wearing my heart rate monitor when I've been running, but haven't really known which zone in which I'm training. My average heart rate during my two treadmill runs was 146, which is just over 80% of my Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) of 181. However, that doesn't seem to be enough math to figure this out. I first need to know my Resting Heart Rate (RHR) to calculate. I will try to get that number tonight or tomorrow so I can know what zones I'm in when training. I'm hoping I'm somewhere below the anaerobic zone so I can burn more fat. I know this much math will have many people wondering if it's necessary or if I should bother. It may not matter or be necessary, but I'd rather focus on the numbers like this than on my fund raising or mileage numbers. For a math focused person with some OCD, finding a new number and calculation to understand is great.
[(MHR-RHR)*.60]+RHR=lower end of recovery zone or a rate of 135.8
[(MHR-RHR)*.70]+RHR=lower end of aerobic zone or a rate of 147.1
[(MHR-RHR)*.80]+RHR=lower end of anaerobic zone or a rate of 158.4

Update 4/1/11: My RHR is 68, which means that my runs with an average heart rate of 146 aren't strenuous enough to really burn much fat. I guess I better start picking up the pace or the distance to lose some weight.

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