Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 64--Trophies

EA Active awards trophies for milestones reached in their game. I have every trophy but 3. I don't have the two for journal entries, because I never enter my food into their journal. I also don't have the 10,000 calorie trophy. I really, really want that trophy, but there's no way of knowing how close I am to it. There's no running balance on the game to let you know how close you are to any of the trophies. The only running total that the game does have is percent of goal reached. The game allows you to set 3 goals: number of workouts, calories burned and time worked out. These can be reset at any time, though. I really like reaching goals, so not getting the calorie trophy when I've been awarded every other trophy is kind of frustrating. I feel like I should do nothing but work out on EA Active until I hit that point. (No, they don't give out the Heisman, but I've already used a standard trophy picture for a previous post. )

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