Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 70--Running

It's about 60 degrees today, which worked out well for me. I was planning on going outside for my first real run today, and the good weather just added to my desire. My puppies and I ran about a mile in about 15 minutes. It's not bad for my first real run, especially considering we had to stop for numerous pee breaks, a couple poo breaks, traffic, people and stuff smelling. I loved it. I finally understand why runners run. Even though it made my heart race, my breathing difficult, and my head all sweaty, it was still really fun. I'm looking forward to my next run and even more excited about my first puppy-free run. I'm still going to do the EA Active workout tonight and may take all of my measurements again, too. It seems a good point to do this since it's the end of a 30 day challenge and can be my pre-race training measurements.

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