Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 62--More workouts

I tried part of the EA Active new workouts. I really think I'm going to enjoy them. There's jumping rope, which I was finding technically difficult, but not physically hard. There were new types of squats and single-arm rows. I did up my weight to 8 ponders. Not as much as Dexter Jackson over here, but more than the 5 I was using. I only tried it for a little bit, though because I still have a week on my 30 day challenge. Today was a rest day, though and I don't like doing nothing. I did the plank challenge and held it for 99 seconds, which is one second shy of my all-time record. I get bored doing the plank, though. I think I need to grab a magazine next time. I also ran in place for about 15 minutes today. I still can't get over how much I enjoy running. I tried to run with my dogs a couple of times this weekend, but Willie kept getting too excited and would try to bite the leashes, or just use that as her method of killing me. I can't be too sure. I may have to try running with them individually.

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