Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 71--More running

I was playing nurse to my sick girlfriend yesterday, so I didn't get a work out in at all. Tonight was bowling and then I ran a mile with my dogs when I got home. We ran the mile in 12 minutes, which is not a record setting time at all, but I'm pretty happy with it. It's only our second run, and that 12 minutes includes the time it took for two pee breaks, a poo break and a near-deadly off course sniffing. I plan on getting back at the Wii tomorrow, and start the 6 week challenge on EA Active More Workouts.

I know the running doesn't seem fit with the blog's title, but it really does for me. I've always known that running is great for cardio-vascular health and a great way to burn calories. I think most people know that to be true. Even with that knowledge, it took the small segments on the "track" on EA Active to break through my mental block to running. It had to build up my endurance and confidence to the point where I would consider running in the real world. Even if the running isn't done with the Wii, it's all because of the Wii. I also know that running won't really help tone and shape my arms or back, which is why I will continue to use the Wii for that part of achieving the "Perfect Body"

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