Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 74--More Workouts

I love the new game. It seems to have borrowed a bit from Wii Fit with an obstacle course and balance board water-skiing. It also added ab work, which I felt was sorely lacking from the original game. The remaining exercises seem to be similar to the first game, but with a slight twist or increase in difficulty. I was struggling for breath a few times during the work-out today and I don't think there was much cardio at all. Aside from the Squash that is. Squash, like raquetball, not the winter vegetable. The game has you lunge left and then immediately right to hit the balls off the walls. It was like a pretty decent step class section. The wide-armed push-ups seemed to be the hardest thing from today. It wasn't part of today's workout, but the boxing is much improved from the original, too.

I'm still running, and hope to run 1 1/2 miles later tonight. I like running with my dogs, but if we're out when everyone else is walking their dogs, we end up spending the whole time barking and running becomes secondary.

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