Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 78--Weight loss

I managed to lose weight this weekend, even though I watched yesterday's games at a bar and didn't run at all. I'm thinking about running tonight, but only if the wind dies down a bit. I played some Wii sports tennis when I got home from work tonight, but other than that it's a rest day. Tomorrow night I'll get my workout in quickly before heading out for a wine tasting. Wednesday night I have a play in a near burb, so it's going to be a tough week for me to get in all my scheduled workouts. My run is ever inching closer to becoming a reality, and I have not been out running as often or as far as I think would make me more comfortable. It looks like the weather should be a bit warmer the rest of the week, so maybe I'll be able to get out more after my plans this week.

On another good note, my bracket is looking fairly strong, which could win me money and food.

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