Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 30C--Cross training

Yesterday was my second official day of cross training. I went back to the Wii for some yoga and core work. Did some planks and side planks. I always forget how good it feels to do yoga. My body feels stretched and strong, not tight and sore. It's really nice. Plus, from everything I've read, working on my core and balance is one of the best things I can do to help with my running. I will continue to work on yoga and my core on my cross-training days. Hopefully this will add some flexibility to my hamstrings, too.

My first day was Sunday and I played softball. I was up to bat twice and reached once on a fielder's choice, so my batting average is .000. I'm ok with that as I did score a run and my team did win. More accurately, the other team lost. With bases loaded, and one out, our batter hit an in-field fly, so she was out. The other team then let the ball roll out of play, giving every player a base on the overthrow, so the go-ahead run scored.

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