Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 42C--Running

I ran my maintenance run yesterday. Went back to my route from last year. It's exactly 3.1 miles and, because it goes around a cemetery, has few street lights. I ran it in 33 minutes, which isn't great, but not too bad considering how sore/tight my calves were. I stopped at least once on the route to stretch my calves on the run and spent about 10 minutes doing nothing but stretching and massaging my calves when I finished my run. Luckily, they seem to be almost normal today, so they shouldn't pose any issues tomorrow when I run 5 miles with my pace group.

The weather for tomorrow morning's run looks ok. 30% chance of rain, but 62 degrees. I think I'd rather have rain with warmth than the cold, but dry weather I ran in last Saturday. Tomorrow will be the last group run under an hour. I'm really glad I like the two women in my pace group. T2 doesn't allow headphones during runs so conversation is a must. It makes the runs go quickly, but if I didn't like my group, I think it would make the runs drag and be miserable. I even ran into one of my pace group members when I was starting on my run yesterday. It was a nice bit of motivation.

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