Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 33C--Pacing Run

Saturday morning was the first official group run for my marathon training. Our job was to run three miles to establish our pace for the summer and the marathon. I ran my three miles in 31:13 this weekend, which is slower than I had hoped, but I would have needed to shave 1:14 off of that to drop into the 11:00 pace group. The training program works on a run-walk ratio based on the pace per mile established this weekend. For people who ran 16 minute miles, they will walk more than they run. For people running 8 minute miles, they won't walk much at all. For me, and the others in my pace group, the ratio is 5:1. Our overall pace will be 11:30 per mile, or a total marathon time of 5:01:20.

My pace group seems really, really small, though. I'm hoping people missed the first week and end up joining our pace group later. Right now, my "group" is three of us. The other groups seemed to have more people. It's not that I want a group of 30, but 3 creates some actual issues. If one person is out, the remaining are required to wait for any stops for restrooms. That means both of us. If two of the group miss, that leaves no group at all. I'm sure it won't be the end of the world, just a bit weird.

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