Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 39C--Cross training

I've made Mondays my cross training day, even though my schedule says it's supposed to be a running day. I spent 35 minutes trying to find all the flags on the Wii island bicycle ride. I will never be able to find the 20th flag. I've tried so many times, but have never actually found it. The ride is actually more of a marching/calf raise on the Wii balance board and steering over the on-screen island course and finding the flags. There are 20, but I can't ever find or reach the last one. I also did some Wii hula-hooping. It's much, much harder than it sounds. It's also really funny to watch. My abs are a bit sore, but not too bad. I also did 30 minutes of free step on the Wii. I just stepped up and back for 30 minutes while watching "How I Met Your Mother" My calves are a bit tight today, but I feel really good for having done so much yesterday.

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