Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 61--New Starts

I only have a week left on the 30 day challenge, and today I bought my supplies for the next step in my work-out journey. I have 8 pound hand weights. Play it Again Sports had metal weights at $0.79 per pound, instead of the $2 per pound for the neoprene ones at Target. I also bought the EA Active More Workouts but had to get it at Game Stop, because my regular Target no longer carries it. I am regular and proud Target shopper, but had to go elsewhere for two purchases because of their isolated suckiness on this. I have not done anything with the new purchases because of the Closing Ceremonies. I did work out this morning and did have a small weight gain, but I ate southern food with dessert for dinner last night and then had a few beers at a bare while seeing the Carolina Chocolate Drops. I was not too upset with the weight gain, since I was really expecting it to be a bit higher than it was. I think all of the toe-tapping helped burn off some of the calories from dinner. Also, I was too tired from driving from the show back into the city last night to be awake enough to really care. It was late, but I did get to view the city's skyline from a few angles and was reminded of how great the city I live in truly is. Tomorrow is back to work and back to a regular exercise and eating schedule.

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