Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 16C--Today's Run Goals

I hope to get a long run in this afternoon. My plan is to take the train most of the way home and then run the rest of the way. Most may be an exaggeration, though. The route I've planned is 4.79 miles of running and I live about 7 miles from work. I really hope the weather will hold out so I'm not running in the rain. This will be the longest run of my life, so I'm expecting to do a decent amount of walking in between bursts of running. As for time, I'm hoping to finish in 65 minutes or less. That's a 13:40 mile or under 4 1/2 mph. When I state it that way, I want to change my goal to under 60 minutes for a 12:00 mile, 5 mph, instead. It would be great if I could finish in 55 minutes, and maintain the 11 minute mile that I've been running. I will aim for that time, but be ok if I get the 60-65 minutes.

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