Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 22C--Race Results

I finished the 5K in 31:59. It wasn't as fast as I was running last summer, but a better pace than I've been running this year. The weather was the worst I've run in. It was cold, windy and raining. By the time the run was over, I just wanted to get inside and peel off my sogginess. Other than feeling super cold, the run went well. I didn't walk during the race at all and I didn't feel fully spent when it was over. I probably should have pushed myself harder during the race and tried to shave some time off. All in all, I guess I feel ok about the race, but not as good as I could.


  1. That's a great time for your first 5K of the year! Especially in the weather we had Sunday. I ran too but I wasn't in the race. I was sucking wind big time and had to stop on a number of occasions. It's easy to say after a race "I should have pushed harder" because you aren't feeling the effects of the weather and your body any more. In actuality, I think we give out as much as we can or care to at any give time during a race. I know I did anyway. Celebrate your accomplishments! It's much more fun than thinking you could have done better.

  2. That's such a positive, healthy attitude. I need to start thinking more like that. I finally saw the official results and was right in the middle of the pack, which is just fine with me.