Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 19C--Today's Run Goal

I wanted to set my goal at six miles today, but to do that as a run home from work, I'd end up taking the train one stop, or a bus 1/2 mile and then beginning the run home. After walking to the stop and waiting for the CTA, it's just easier to add that short distance to my run. Since I plan on doing a run/walk the entire time, I'm not worried about the larger jump in distance compared to last week's big run. Now that I've explained the reasoning, let me give you the actual goal for today: 6.54 miles. Here's the map of the run. My time goal is 80 minutes, which is 12:13 per mile. It's a bit slower than last week, but it's a much longer run, with many more stop lights. I'm sure I could get a better pace if I took the lakefront path, but that adds a mile to my route. I'll consider that for next week, or the week after that.
I know the 10% rule, but want to assure everyone reading this that I will listen to my body and stop if I have ANY issues. I bought Body Glide, so that should eliminate the chafing issue I've been having. I make sure to bring my wallet & phone with me, so I can bail out of my run and catch a bus at any point.

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