Thursday, April 12, 2012


My Body Gallery is a collection of photos of women. It's searchable by height and weight. The goal is to provide "a place for women to post their true and accurate pictures. And for other women to see that the world is not a place of cookie cutters. We are all different in our body shape and size as well as our place in our journey to loving our bodies exactly as they are, not as we (or others) think they should be. It is a place for us to be kind to others and ourselves.)"

I stumbled on this amazing site today and hope I can help expand the gallery. Right now, the number of photos flow with the bell curve that makes up the height and weight of most women. There are few, if any, heavier or shorter women. Many photos at 5'4" 140 pounds, though.

They are in my brain; their Facebook posts mirror much of what I've posted on this blog. Yes, I want women to be stronger and healthier, both physically and mentally. I want us all to realize that healthy bodies comes in many shapes. I think this will help us all feel better about ourselves and stop denigrating one another for not fitting some nebulous, unrealistic ideal.

I will be submitting some photos today and hope you consider doing the same. It's one thing for us to proclaim love for our bodies and admiration for celebrities who claim they love their plus-size bodies. It's another level to let others look at our bodies and see the reality.

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