Thursday, April 19, 2012

Physical Therapy

I am currently seeing a physical therapist to eliminate some muscle weakness and imbalance before the running season gets into full swing. I was given a list of five exercises to do twice a day every day. I had missed one night and felt badly, but was reassured that I far exceeded expectations.

I do not understand that. It's like getting a prescription filled, but not taking the medicine. Why would you pay the therapist $25-$35 per visit, only to ignore everything they say? If you're going to ignore them, save your money and time and don't go to your appointments. That frees up their schedule for the rest of us who are willing to do the needed work.

I don't like the exercises that I am doing for physical therapy. They are working my weakest muscles and they're hard. I have been close to tears of frustration when doing them, but I know that they'll help me in the long run. That is why I do them every day as scheduled.

I ignored the signals my body was sending me last year and ended up with a stress fracture in my femur and six weeks of crutches. I am being careful to listen better this year and tackle any issues early. I hope that this month of physical therapy will help keep me injury free until the marathon, but know that is only possible if I put forth some effort.

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