Monday, April 9, 2012

Women in Boston

F2--Nina Kuscsik 3:20:26--Winner
F6--Kathrine Switzer 3:29:51--3rd place
F3--Elaine Pederson 3:20:35--2nd place
F5--Ginny Collins
F4--Pat Barrett Shore 3:40:29
F10--Frances Morrison
F1--Sara Mae Berman 3:48:30

The Boston Marathon is one week away and I found this amazing photo of the women who ran Boston in 1972. That was the first year women could run officially. I can't find times beyond the top 5. It's possible the other women didn't finish.

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  1. My grandma is Frances Morrison. She did finish, but I can't find her time either. I just found this picture today and I am floored! So cool!